Digital Ecosystems

Digital ecosystems will rise in the global economy, from about $2.6 trillion today to about $60 trillion by 2025. They will transform or replace most traditional industries. Affective Systems empowers your business to compete and grow through this transformation, by helping build or manage your digital ecosystem.

A new reality

Traditional businesses and many SMEs are struggling to respond to new opportunities and cope with emerging threats as digital ecosystems take shape. To stay competitive, businesses will need to embrace collaborative business models, new data-driven strategies as well as emerging technologies like AI and the Blockchain.

Shaping growth

We offer strategy, design and economic modelling, assurance services as well as the technology. Affective Systems can help you build a powerful new digital ecosystem or optimise your participation in one. Whether you’re just thinking about it or well on your way there; we can help you grow, achieve defensibility or change the world.

Complexity made simple

Affective Systems is on a mission to simplify the complexities of digital ecosystems for all organisations, including SMEs and startups. Talk to one of our experts or ask us about our product Affect, an AI assistant that will make managing your digital ecosystem as simple as having a conversation.


Whether you are a Digital Ecosystems adopter, expert or enthusiast we invite you to share your perspective, expertise or experience with our network. Write to us on or just fill in this form.

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