Digital Ecosystems are inevitable

Digital ecosystems will rise in the global economy, from about to about $60 trillion by 2025. They will transform or replace most traditional industries.
Traditional businesses, especially Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will need to embrace collaborative business models, new data-driven strategies and emerging technologies. We are Affective Systems and we make that possible.

Micro & Small Businesses are being left behind

With more business and consumer purchases being carried out online, large enterprises and platforms have a strong head start over MSMEs. The gap between Large and Small businesses is widening at an alarming rate.
We design & build Digital Ecosystems exclusively for the socio-economic benefit of MSMEs and the Self-Employed.

Helping Micro & Small Businesses Compete

Affective Systems is on a mission to simplify the complexities of digital markets and ecosystems to empower small independent local businesses.
We are building new Digital Ecosystems on proven economic models to help make MSMEs more competitive, financially sustainable and socially responsible.

Marketplace Ecosystems

We are building a Marketplace Ecosystem to enable local small businesses to find consumers online, fulfil demand, raise finance from the local community and participate in the financial success of the platform business.
Our platform & app also enables consumers to make a measurable social, economic and environmental impact with each purchase.

Innovation Ecosystems

We are designing an Innovation Ecosystem to enable educational institutions and local small businesses to find and share know-how, skills, experience and Intellectual Property in a self-sustaining economic model.
Our platform makes commercial innovation accessible and financially viable for Micro and Small Businesses, as well as self-employed individuals.

Digital Cooperatives

We are designing an intelligent platform to enable collective action and decision-making.
Our platform ensures that every participant’s individual voice, needs and rights are part of a collective outcome. Our technology and model can be used to plan and coordinate programs with the inclusion, empowerment and economic participation of every member or stakeholder.


Whether you are a Digital Ecosystems adopter, expert or enthusiast we invite you to share your perspective, expertise or experience with our network.

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